Blue Oliver

We love our Mini Sheepadoodle! Blue is a kind, sweet, and loving dog. He is very energetic and loves to play. Our dog is also very intelligent as he was able to learn his name and pick up on what different words meant (like “treat” and “walk”) fairly quickly. We are totally in love with him! As far as the buying process is concerned, David was very communicative and helped us throughout the process of buying our dog. He even went as far as to allow us to see the dog at four and six weeks old before we could bring him home at eight weeks. David also was there the day we took our dog home and was very helpful answering any and all questions we had. Before I forget, our Blue Oliver is a GENIUS!! Agreeing with everyone else, David has a beautiful property! We also want to say that Daivd has beautiful, well behaved, well mannered children with a smile on their faces. Dealing with David made this dog experience extremely awesome. We are all so in love with Blue, best part is he loves us too!